My Klonoa Wish List

This is my Wish List for all the Klonoa stuff that I don't have that I want. As I acquire the things on my Wish List, they will be added to my collection page. If you know of an item that is not on my Wish List and not already in my collection, please contact me so that I may add it here.

I would LOVE to get my hands on this guy! This is an original Klonoa figurine inspired by the first Klonoa game. You can tell this by the style of clothing he is wearing and his overall look.

This is a page from a calendar that I want. It is from 2001. this item may be a challenge to get a hold of.

This is from a deck of cards.

Not sure what this is. Any ideas?

A comic from Japan.

These are currently all of the Japanese strategy guides that I want. See my collection to view the other four that I have.

I believe this to be a demo.

This item I want really really bad!

This is Lolo. She is a friend of Klonoa and would look nice paired up with the other action figure.

This is a bundle pack of a WonderSwan system with a Klonoa game. (DROOL!)

This seems to be a zipper pull.

Klonoa keychain. For sure I would NEVER lose my keys if I had this attached to them.

Well....that is all for now. Like I said, if you find any items that you think should be on the list, let me know.

contact: [NOT AVAILABLE]

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