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Do not use a download manager program as the host does not support resuming nor can you download using the program. Use WinZip to extract file.


Wahoo! Here's all the sound clip that Klonoa makes during game know...when you press the L1 or L2 button... and some other clip like when you leave the game inactive for 60 seconds or when he drowns. LOL!



Kumiko Watanabe
If you wondering about it, yes they are the voice actor in the game.

From left: Pango, Guntz and Klonoa
For those who doesn't know the heroes in the game.

Klonoa Cameos Appearance in Moto GP -
Links to video sources...and boy doesn't he look BIG! LOL

*Note: If you have trouble viewing the video or you can only hear the audio, most likely your computer doesn't have the codec install. Download FFDSHOW from that web site and install it in order to view the video.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface - What is it?
NOTE: MIDI file are composed and copyrighted by their respective owner and are credit to them (aka I don't know who compose them. I found them through various sites).

When it comes to MIDI files, the music will only sound great if the composer composed the music good and correctly and your computer are able to play back high quality instruments. Most Windows OS computer comes with the Microsoft Synthesizer and are set to default to play any MIDI file. Though MS Synthesizer are okay, there are better MIDI soundcard/driver out there. Getting a MIDI soundcard is expensive and require installing it into your computer so I'm going to be point out some great MIDI driver that you can download and try out for yourself.

Apple - QuickTime Player - Yeah... it's strange but it's good for playing back MIDI file that are GS type/format. MIDI playback: Good

Yamaha XG S-YXG50 - IMO I say that this is the BEST MIDI synthesizer that it out there...but it's not free. You can download the trial version for 90 days and see for yourself. Don't forget to listen to the MIDI demos that comes with the installation. Plays GM, GS and XG MIDI files/format. MIDI playback: Excellent!

WinGroove - There's nothing special about this synthesizer but it's better than the MS synthesizer that come with your computer. Also this program is a shareware (aka not free) but if you really like it, you can register it for $20... the price is not bad. MIDI playback: Great!

TiMidity++ - Here's a great synthesizer and it's FREE...but it require some skill to install the program and the instruments banks/file. Follow the instruction from the site for installation. Plays GM, GS and XG MIDI files/format. MIDI playback: Great!

- Right now I'm too laze to put up individual files for download and giving my review on it. Each file will state if it a GM file, a GS file or a XG file.

SPECIAL INFO: Does your computer have a MIDI soundcard/driver or using WinAmp to play MIDI file that allow you to load up DLS file? Do you have Final Fantasy VIII PC version and would like the MIDI playback to sound like the PSX version or would like all MIDI playback to use the instrument from Final Fantasy VIII? If so, then Final Fantasy Soundfont Project is what you need! Go to the soundfont page, click on Final Fantasy VIII and download the "Samuel Slight's Final Fantasy VIII DLS." Unzipped the file, if you want to use the file for the game, follow the instruction. If you just want to hear your MIDI file using the instrument from the game, use the DLS file and load it up on WinAmp or your MIDI soundcard/driver.

Here is an example:
Stepping Wind -