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February 25, 2004

- http://storm.prohosting.com/bigcn401/ or (the easy one) http://klonoa.no-ip.com/ ; Try to remember, okay?

February 20, 2004

- Someone suggested that I should have an Oekaki BBS for my site even though I cannot draw. Well I register for one and here it is. Don't expect to see any drawing from me unless you want to see stick figure. Enjoy! NOTE: Link to Oekaki BBS will also be available under the Miscellaneous section.

February 19, 2004

- One of my online friend that goes by the name lilmushroom350 (BTW, thank you) has provided me screen shots from the "Momett House presents SCRAPBOOK" in Kaze no Klonoa 2. You can download them in the wallpaper section. Right now there's 6 out of 19 screen shots of the scrapbook. The rest will be available soon.

- I really need to make a "Contact" page instead of having my e-mail and AIM screen name on the left side of the screen. The reason is more towards the e-mail because when a person e-mail me requesting for songs, STILL there's nothing stating on how they want me to send the requested songs. The contact section will provide an instruction on how to request songs.

February 12, 2004

- Oh! What is this? Well my good friend Skip (from Klonoa Fan Club) had send me MORE image/original artwork from the series. On your left, I made a 'wallpaper' using the artwork and logo from Klonoa Heroes. I like the result of the image I made using PhotoShop even though I'm not very skill in art. If you want to download the wallpaper, it available in the Wallpapers section under Download.

- Wow! I forgot that this page has hit over 5000 visitor! Wahoo! Now, do you think this page will hit 10,000 by the end of 2004?

February 11, 2004

- If I am going to make a mirror site in Japanese, what is there to "translate"? I know the News and Update page will me a major part of the Japanese mirror site but what about the rest? I was thinking this to myself and it seem like in other section, there isn't necessary to be translated, especially the Game Series and Miscellaneous section because (1) there are Klonoa Japanese web sites that definitely covers the game series; it would be kind of stupid to "re-translate" something that was originate in Japanese. And (2) in the Miscellaneous section, especially the "YKYPTMKGSW" list, it will be kind of difficult to translate due to 'culture-ness.' Yeah, even though I'm Asian, I don't think there's lots of culture similarities between Cambodian and Japanese. Well, I'll see what I can do from now.

- Maybe I should change from "Song Download of the Week" to "Song Download For Now Until I Feel Like Updating With New Song Again." Up for download are songs from Dream Champ Tournament. Enjoy!

- Someone, who goes by the name 'Polo,' e-mailed me with a list for the "YKYPTMKGSW" list. The list are quiet good so go check them out.

February 01, 2004

- Today starts off a new month and my Hit counter almost made it 5000. Oh well... at lease it's better than below 4000.

- I learned my lesson about buying bootlegged items. I got to admit that at the time I didn't know it was. Remember the day I post saying that I bought myself a copy of Dream Champ Tournament? Well it's a bootlegged and it makes me mad that the save game likes to delete my saving anytime it wants. This had happen to me twice already and I'm fed up. Strange that it only deleted the first slot out of the three. There's another saving in the third slot and that's my little brother save game. He doesn't play it that much and now I declare that save slot to me mine! So until then, I'll be stuffing my face into the GBA screen... wish I had a GameBoy Player for my GameCube.

- ...and speaking of Dream Champ Tournament, I'm finally doing a music rip/recording of it. So far there's 18 tracks. Only missing three tracks. Damn you Klonoa Works and Namco! Why didn't you have a sound test menu or an option to disable sound effect?!? The final boss music, which is now one of my favorites, will be going through the same ordeal as what I did to the final boss music in Empire of Dream. Thank you Cool Edit Pro for your great editing audio program! So, go see Track List for the...well...track list.

January 27, 2004

- I just updated some stuff and added a rule to "My FTP" section since some people doesn't know how to config their FTP client properly. Read it carefully or you might end up being banned! Thank you.

- As I checked my gostats Hit Counter account, I seem to be getting more and more Japanese visitor on my site. Also some visitor use one of those web translator to translate my site to their native language. What I'm thinking I might make a mirror site in Japanese. Makes it easier for speaking/reading Japanese visitor to understand what I really want them to know instead of a web translator trying to translate what I'm saying. I might start this project in February. Until then, ja ne!

January 25, 2004

- This has hit my mind when I was eating dinner. I notice that when someone request a song from the Previous Song list in an e-mail, they stated that they wanted this song or they wanted that song. But the one thing that really ticks me is that, YOU do not tell me on how you wanted me to send you the song OR you want me to attach the song in an e-mail. I do not know where you're from but in my ENTIRE INTERNET LIFE I have not seen anyone attach songs in MP3 format in e-mail. LOTS of ISP or e-mail server doesn't allow attachment more than 2MB or doesn't allow any attachment with .mp3 extension. Don't get me wrong, I do not mind sending the songs you requested...just that, tell me how you want me to send it and make sure it's not attaching it to an e-mail. If you have AIM or AOL, I can send you the song by first contacting me on instant message so I can do a transfer. Do you have an FTP or a place on the internet where I can upload it? Tell me so I can do that. Now since I got that out of my system, let me do something that might interest some people. [see next line]

- I am opening my FTP to the public for anyone who knows how to use a client FTP PROPERLY to have access and download ANY of the music in the Klonoa game series. I'm doing this due to the above statement I made. Please click on "My FTP" under Music for more info.

- I...am...slacking...off... Sorry people but for some reason January isn't my month. Maybe because of the cold weather I'm getting. I hope to do more when February comes. So don't worry. This site isn't going to die (unless the prohosting finds something that they don't like and delete my page without notice).

- I have a surprise for those who like the Moonlight Museum game on WonderSwan. Someone was nice to upload an audio rip of the music from Moonlight Museum so I'll be uploading the music for the Song Download of the Week page. There's 14 tracks...not sure if I need to make a track list of it...but I'll do it for the heck of it. Anyway, go download it!

January 08, 2004

- Well now it's back the usual. I went around to see what need fixing and sure enough there was. So now it's fixed.

- New songs for the Song Download of the Week page. Enjoy.

- Tomorrow I'll be thinking of what to do next. Most likely the "Sound Clips" that you see under the Klonoa Beach Volleyball page. I'll be uploading Japanese and English clips from the game. The English clips should *spark* your ears.

- I'll try to get the About Me page up as soon as possible by the end of January because it's a new year and you visitor should at least know something about me... but I don't think I'll be giving much information about myself.

- One thing before I go. To anybody who links my site, I would like to say thank you. I can always use more visitor from different places. I hope to get the hit counter to hit 5000 by the end of January. If not, then it's no problem.

January 01, 2004


- So when will I have new updates? Maybe sometimes next week. Just need to think of what to do next. Anyway, everybody enjoy the rest of the day.

December 25, 2003

- Yes, I'm back! Did you missed me? Anyway the trip was fine and the only thing sucks was the 2 day car ride...back and forth... Anyway just want to make a small news that I'm back and wish everyone a happy holiday and a happy New Year!

- Another thing, hit counter got screwed!!! GoStats has some problem with their server and are trying to get everything back into order... It also mean that I lost the hits for my site. I remember the number was around 4010 before I left so I will be starting the counter from there. I was wishing my hit counter would reach to 5000 by the end of this year but it doesn't seem like it. Oh well.

- One more before I leave! I can't believe I forgot to say this on my page but on December 12-13 was the Klonoa 6th Anniversary. The first game, "Door to Phantomile" was release in Japan in 1997, making the birth of the Klonoa game series. So...erm...yay!

December 15, 2003

- Okay here's my lame excuse for not updating lately. For some reason I felt kind of too busy to update this month so I decided to hold any updates until next year. Also I will be away for a few weeks because I will be on my vacation for this holiday. So that's why I'm trying to upload songs for the Song Download of the Week page as much as I can, every day until Friday. Saturday is the day I will be leaving and I think next Saturday I will be back home. Oh, some downloads may be temporary offline. They will be restore once I get back on updating.

- My good old friend (and I really mean OLD ) Skip had made more wallpapers! You can go look for it at his site. He now requested me just to link the wallpaper to his site so I won't be hosting any of his new release on my site.

- *in a British accent; news reporter style* In other news one of my online friend from Europe has reported that she has seen some sort of anime-style commercial about Klonoa on TV. This has got me thinking and so I pointed out the Japanese commercial of Klonoa Heroes and to my surprise, she said that's the same commercial she saw on TV...beside the fact that the commercial was "dubbed" in English. So what does this mean to all you viewer? The game is finally be getting an English translation....but please don't be getting too excited about this because I want to make sure and confirm about this news. If you're from Europe maybe you can help me. Please message me on AIM or send me an e-mail by finding info about this news and/or tell me that you also has seen the commercial. Thanks you. NOTE: No offense to any of the British. I just like how you talk, that's all.

December 14, 2003

- Sorry about for the lack of updates. Will give reason to why tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Because I had typed up something very important, save it and accidentally overwrite it with the old news from prohosting a.k.a. instead of hitting "upload" (from computer to prohosting) I hit "download" (from prohosting to computer) which overwrite the new news with the old news. So I'll retype what I wanted to say tomorrow because right now I'm too frustrated. Until then, I uploaded songs for the Songs Download of the Week page.

December 03, 2003

- Again I'm sorry but I still have NOTHING update beside the Song Download of the Week page. For some reason I had been slacking off... *remember playing new games non-stop...* Eh... cross that out. Anyway, December seem to be people favorite month. It can be either the holiday or just the weeks off from school or work. Well if everything goes according to plan (aka my sister keeps her plan), I will be spending my Christmas vacation on a trip to my aunt house for about two weeks. So that mean I will not have anything updated during those weeks because I will not have access to my own computer. What I will do is fill up songs as much as prohosting allows me to in the Song Download of the Week page. Think of that as my Christmas present to you. Oh well... I'll try to have something update between now and later.

- I have one thing to point out. If you subscribe to a gaming magazine, most likely your December issue is fill with "holiday wish list" to what game you want for this holiday. Well one of the magazine that I subscribe to *coughforfreecough* have a list of recommend games that you should be putting under the tree. To my surprise they have categories a section called "rarities" and under the PlayStation 2, they recommended a copy of Klonoa 2 and under GameBoy Advance, they recommended a copy of Klonoa: Empire of Dream. Not bad eh?

November 26, 2003

- Sorry people but I don't have much to update beside the Song Download of the Week page. I'll try to have something for next week. But for now I wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving/turkey/good day this week. Now if you excuse me, I need to go back to my games. LOL

November 18, 2003

- Another week, another update. You know the deal. Let's get right through it!

- FINAL VERSION of the full arrangement of Sign of Hero is up for download. See section for info.

- Added more link to the "Off-Topic" page.

- Well, that's it...for now. Reason? Eh...because I might be busy this month. Blame Nintendo for releasing three games this month that I will hook on 24/7. I'm sure going to be busy playing "Mario Party 5" (GCN), "Mario Kart: Double Dash!!" (GCN) and "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" (GBA). Oh, for those who can't get their on Klonoa Beach Volleyball, then I suggest to buy or rent Mario Party 5 for an alternative solution (if you own a GameCube). Why? They have a full game of their version of Beach Volleyball and let me tell you it almost play the same as KBV.

November 12, 2003

- Just a VERY small update today. Of course I don't have to remind you that the "Song download of the Week" page gets an update every week. Anyway one of my friend IMed (instant message on AIM) me a few days ago asking me to add something for the "You Know You Play TOO Much" list. The idea strike me funny. You can see the idea of what he told me by looking at the list. I would like to tell you what he actually said but due to his wishes, I cannot unless he change his mind and gives me the thumbs-up.

- Added a link to the "Off-Topic" page. Yeah, that's it.

- Oh, and I said I was going to finish up my "About Me" page over the weekend...well change of plans...but I do hope to get it done by this week. Now what in the world can a "About Me" page takes to long to complete? That's up to me to decide when it will be finish! Plus, even when the page is up with my "4-1-1" (information) the whole content wouldn't be finish. Remember how I said before I will be writing a "story" about how my interests to Klonoa and the game series? Yeah, that will be part of my "About Me" page. Don't worry. It won't be boring. It does not start out as me getting a copy of Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil for a present and I just start loving the game series and such.

- ...and one more thing before I'll leave you visitor alone. I would like to thank EVERYONE for visiting my page. I seem to be getting visitor from across the country...wonder how they know about my page... I don't think search engine do a good job linking my page. Anyway, here's the stats of countries that visite my page. NOTE: .net, .com, .edu and .us are most likely people from the United States. My ISP (internet service provider) is "verizon.net" (which is in the US) and will not be under "United States." Go Stats determine where visitors come from by the ISP they use.

November 07, 2003

- Not much update today...maybe tomorrow. Skip made a button for my site for anyone who care to link my page to their web site. The button is at the bottom where all the "About Me" link and the AIM remote is located (scroll down!).<<

- Speaking about the "About Me" page, I will have everything done by the weekend but for now, it's open for visitor because I made a banner for my "About Me" page. Go take a look!

- Since Skip made a button for my site, he also made a button for his site too. So I update the Links page by adding his button as a link to his site.

November 04, 2003

- Hey there. I hope everyone had a great weekend with Halloween and stuff. Sorry if I didn't have anything to "treat" for all you fans out there. Oh well... I hope this update will be something for ya!

- *Gasp!* What happen to the "quick contact" information under the counter? Well scroll down and you'll see something below the "About Me" section. I'm using one of those AIM Remote and everything you need to contact me should be there.

- Okay, I finally have the "Tutorial Klonoa" section up in the Klonoa Beach Volleyball page. You may now be dazed... LOL

- I have split up the Download and Misc. section so they are in their own group. Under the Misc. section, I will be adding another page title called "Off-Topic." Yes, it's just stuff that is not related to the entire site. It will contain links to fun and weird pages and news that I wanted to share. While I'm at it, I also added a new link in the Links page. It's another video game music arrangement site. It's worth checking it out.

- *Note to self: Do not type up transcripts in MS Word, then import it into HTML documents. It looks terrible!* I'm going to have retype the transcripts again because importing it from MS Word doesn't look right... in fact... it just looks terrible and it gives out bunch of weird HTML codes (and good thing I didn't type up that much. LOL). If you want to see what I have so far, you can download it as MS Word documents just by click on the link in the game series section. Remember that I'm typing up the Sekai ga Nozonda Wasuremono (aka Lunatea's Veil) first.

- Oh, The Simpsons Halloween episode was aired...IN NOVEMBER?!? Yeah, they did gave us a "warning" about it. If you sign up for their news letter they send you a small flash video about it...but in the flash video, they used a music from one of the Klonoa game series. Which one you might ask? Well watch the flash video to see for yourself. If the video is not available anymore, then click here to listen the audio that I had recorded. Then click here to get a clear audio from the the game series. If you can't tell the difference, that's because there's no difference in the music! Ack! I smell a lawsuit...or as one of my friend said on AIM, "I'll laugh if Namco actually files a laugh suit against them... LOL / GAH / *law"

October 27, 2003

- A VERY small update. I now have a new public e-mail address due to the fact that my pervious address got swarm with junk/spam that I know cannot be avoided. So for anybody who e-mail me with my previous address for the past week, most likely I deleted them by mistake or never got a chance to read it. If it's something you want me to read, please e-mail me again with the new address. Thank you.

October 26, 2003

- Another update on the Sign of Hero Arrangement Project page. Version 2 now up for download. Read news in the page for future information.

- I will have at least the beginning transcript for Sekai ga Nozonda Wasuremono up on the same day when I do my update for the Song Download of the Week page. Please note that reading the transcript, you're assuming the risk of spoiler in the game. So if you haven't played the game or haven't reach a certain point in the game, I suggest for you to not read it.

October 21, 2003

- *gasp!* Have I done the most impossible thing on Earth?!? Go check out the Sign of Hero Arrangement Project page for more information!!!

- The first transcript I will be working on are Sekai go Nozonda Wasuremono because...I feel like it, that's why!

- This week I had bough myself a copy of Kaze no Klonoa G2: Dream Champ Torunament for GameBoy Advance. Now if only I can get my hands on a copy of Klonoa Heroes, I would practically own every single Klonoa game series out there... well... except for Moonlight Museum. Now that game is so freakin' rare!!! Not to mention you also have to get yourself a Wonderswan handheld. Reason why it's rare because first of all, the Wonderswan handheld NEVER been release outside Japan! Second and sadly it's the least favorite out of the game series. So for those who lucky enough to have it, I salute you!

October 18, 2003

- There! "Klonoa Beach Volleyball" page is back up under the Game Series section. Also note that I'm planning to use "frames" for everything under the Game Series section as I did to KBV. So if you're using a browser that doesn't support frames or you disable them, please use a browser that does support it or enable frames on your browser. Thanks you and enjoy.

October 14, 2003

- Just a small update. Skip send me another wallpaper he made to me and told me that I can upload it on my site. So you can go take a look at it on the "Wallpaper" page under the Download and Misc. section.

- I have been checking my counter that tracks user who browse through my web site and I notice that there are now Japanese user browsing (due to the fact I gave my address web site onto a Japanese oekaki [drawing] board ). So I would like to say the following to the Japanese browser, in Japanese of course!

October 12, 2003

- There! I have all the "Download and Misc." section done! This page is shorter because I have move most of the old news to the "Old News Archive" page. I also uploaded my full arrangement of Sign of Hero on the "'Sign of Hero' Arrangement Project" page. Next I'll be working on the "Beach Volleyball" page since I have that available before. As for the rest of the "Game Series" section, they will take some time, especially the "Door to Phantomile" and "Sekai ga Nozondo Wasuremono" page because I'm going to be typing up the transcript.

- If you haven't notice, on the left side of this (or any) page, you see a "About Me" section. All it will contain is just a little information about myself and what I like and such. Also, it will contain a nice story to how I got into liking Klonoa and the game series. Bet you can't wait to read about my pathetic life, huh?

October11, 2003

- I have the "Links" page up. I'll try to get most of the "Download and Misc." section done in the weekend.

- I got a treat for you! I'm working on a full-arrangement of "Sign of Hero" despite the fact I was lacking some equipments (programs) to use. Anyway, now all I need is for someone to sing the lyric... Maybe you could! LOL! I will have a sample for download soon.

October 06, 2003

- Liek OMG!!! WTF?!? LOL!!! Okay...for all this time, I finally learn the name of the composer who composed the music to "Densetsu no Star Medal." So the "Special Download," "Previous Songs" and the "Track List" page will have a small update about the composer name. Now all I need to know the composer name for "Dream Champ Tournament."

- Yeah, you see that most of the stuff is back online. I'll try to get the rest done by the end of the week. Ja ne!

October 05, 2003

- I'm slowly adding contents that was pervious available. I'll try to have everything that was on my pervious "old-style" web site by the end of this week.

- You see that I added something 'special' under the "Game Series" section. Beside 'Beach Volleyball,' everything else wasn't part of my web site. The Game Series section will include info about the game and... *drumroll* a TRANSCRIPT!!! The only game that will not have a transcript are "Dream Champ Tournament" because the game is in Japanese and there's no one that I know or found a translation of the transcript. As for "Densetsu no Star Medal," I will provide a link to a source that has a translation of the transcript (only some part of the game are translated and some of you might already know the web site since I have it in the "Links" page before, which will be up ASAP). So stay tune!

October 03, 2003

- This web site is going under serious construction. Most content that was pervious available will not be accessible at this time for about a week or so. The "Song Download of the Week" and the "Wallpaper" content will always be online. So please be patience. Thank you.

September 30, 2003

- *sigh* Another day...another update. Is there anything special about this day? Oh yeah!!! Today it's my birthday!!! For those who doesn't know my age, I'm 20 years old. So...umm...yay! LOL If you would like to send me a gift, click on this link for info to send the gift.

- It's since a month that I haven't update the "Sign of Hero" Arrangement project! *gasp* Take a look!

- Some info update on the "Song Download of the Week" page.

September 23, 2003

- Since last week I couldn't update my site due to server problem with storm.prohosting until Tuesday, I will be updating my site whenever the pervious day I last updated on. I'm doing this to give time for people who didn't get a chance to download the "Song Download of the Week." So if the server goes down again during the time I suppose to update my site, I'll will update it as soon the server is back online, and will continue to update on that same day, but every week.

- Finished with the last character ending of KBV. Now I need to do is finish/add more content to the KBV page.

- Guess what?!? I finally did a rip/recording of Empire of Dream (will be refer to Yumemiru Teikoku). So I will have one song from the game for the "Song Download of the Week" page. Dream Champ Tournament will also have a rip/recording...soon.

September 16, 2003

- Ehh... I'm assuming that the server of storm.prohosting.com (they didn't e-mail me!) were having some problem so I couldn't update on the weekend. Sometimes you can access my web site, but I couldn't update anything because it require me to log into the server via FTP (to those know what a FTP is). Anyway, hope the server doesn't go down again. If it does, then be patience.

- I have more update on the KBV page...just three more endings...need one more!

September 07, 2003

- I finally have something up in the "Klonoa Beach Volleyball" page. *gasp!* Go check it out! I'll have something more up later in the week.

- I added a track list to the OSTs and game audio rip and recording in the "Song Download of the Week."

September 05, 2003

- OMG! New wallpaper added!!! In fact, it's a fan wallpaper!!! Go check it out!!! *faints*

September 02, 2003

- My online friend Chris T.E. has open an account at deviantART. She'll be uploading her artwork on that site more often than at Side-7. Link can be found under the "Links" page.

- I have another online friend, Ian, that also sign up for an account at deviantART. As always, you can find his artwork at the "Links" page.

- Many of you... okay, a few of you are wondering when am I going to at least have something up in the "Klonoa Beach Volleyball" page. Well to tell you the truth, I'm a lazy bum with a 3GB hard drive space left in this computer. What's taking up so many space you said? Ehh... that's for me to know and for you to find out... uhh...instead, don't find out! ^^;; Anyway, I'll try to have something up by the weekend. I promise!!! *puts right hand behind back and cross finger; snicks*

August 30, 2003

-I finished my "so-called" semi-arrangement of "Sign of Hero." The reason why I called it "semi-arrangement" half of it I composed and the other half are taken straight from the game. Also, this isn't my final version...I might make some change of it. Click on the link for more info.

- As you can see, I made a small change in the banner. Yay! Go me!

August 23, 2003

- Ahh!!! I'm making an arrangement song of "Sign of Hero." Check out the page for more info and a sample!!!

August 21, 2003

- Well...ehh... there's no web update... just want to show you the "sigs" I have been working on. The current sig you'll see in forums that I go to (see "Links" page). My old sig can be seen here.

August 20, 2003

- I made a banner! Yay! Thanks to Skip Dunbar for providing that image of Klonoa and my cousin (and I quote, "Lol, It looks like the name of a restaurant for some reason. @_@") for recommending the font to use. If you like, tell me what do you think of the banner by e-mailing me (scroll down on this page for e-mail).

August 16, 2003

- There's a "Music FAQs" that I had put up. You can check it out under the "Song Download of the Week" page...and I suggest you do read it. It's not that long.

August 15, 2003

- Site is a bit messy right now as I attempt to use the "frame." Site is a bit under construction but it's still viewable. I'll try to get things settle and look nice in a couple of days... or week... Until then, enjoy!

- Trying to think of a name for my site. LMAO

August 11, 2003

- Revise link in "Links" page. Side-7 site is back up with Chris T.E artwork!!!

- Added a video link under the "Misc. Download and Stuff" page. You'll be surprise to see this!

August 09-10, 2003

- Update on the "Misc. Download and Stuff" page. Klonoa MIDI are ready for download. The KBV page is still put on hold. *sigh*

- I might change the layout of my page using MS FrontPage. Thanks to a friend for telling me about the layouts and theme.

- As for moving to another server... I'm still working on it... (Damn you Verizon! Hurry up!)

- Added another link in the "Links" page. Go check it out...NOW!!!

July 22, 2003

-Added a link on the "Links" page and added image smilies.

July 20, 2003

- I was going to have something for the KBV page but... you'll see for yourself when you click on the link.

- The "Misc. Download and Stuff" is now up. Go take a look!!!

- I don't have to remind you that there's always a new song on the "Song Download of the Week" but if you scroll down on that page, you'll see that I have something extra. Go check it out!

- I might be moving to another server... I just have to see if everything works out.

May 2003 to July 13, 2003

- Open up this page. Fixed some broken link. Blah blah blah...