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September 13, 2004

- Wow! An update! -_-; (You know who you are.)

- I'm going to be changing the page of "Song Download of the Week." Instead of a random pick from the original soundtrack/rip from the game, it's going to be something else. What is it you ask? Click on the link and you'll see. Note: You're in for LONG reading.

- After almost 2 years when Klonoa Heroes release in Japan (that's Friday, December 13, 2002; GASP!) I finally got myself a copy of the game (and when I mean copy, I mean a legit copy... not a bootleg. Thank goodness!). Well, I don't have the game in my hands right now... but it's on it's way here. Good thing too because two months ago I bought myself a GameBoy Player for my GameCube and so far it's been sucking 80+ of Pokemon Sapphire (yes, that's what I have been doing when I wasn't 'updating'). I only have a GBA and not a SP so it's a bit pain in the ass to play it... day and night!

- In other news, the original author of this artwork e-mail me claming it was his. You can see his other artwork and photos at his DA account.

- My site has reach 10,000 visitor since... last month? I forgot to keep track of it. On well. Thanks to whoever was the 10,000 visitor... even if when you're the one that hit "refresh" on your browser to reach 10,000.

- Danel M. had told me that the link to provide the full OST of DtP and LV had to be taking off the server due to limited space he needed for his other stuff/project. But he also told me to put up a message saying if you still want the OST, you can contact him via AIM (SN: Ehh Mon Ehh) for it. Now following this news, I have to say that the FTP will be down indefinitely. I don't know when I would have it back up so please do not try to connect to any of the FTP service.

- Oh yes... about the ads... I guess Prohosting changed how their ads display. Also the ads are now from Google. I guess they need money to provide people for the Gmail 1GB account. LOL

- *is thinking if there anything else to say* Oh yes! My birthday is coming up. Would you like to get me something?