The "You Know You Played TOO Much of the Klonoa Game Series When..." List.

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Updated since February 11, 2004.

You make the "You Know You Played TOO Much of the Klonoa Game Series When..." list.
You own every single game that is out there!
� including all versions (Japanese, North American, European, etc).
You own the soundtrack to Door to Phantomile and Lunatea's Veil.
� and rips the music out of the games that doesn�t have an official soundtrack.
You own the strategy guide to the game.
� including from other different countries.
You own a Klonoa plushie.
�the clothes.
�the hat.
�the accessories.
You got upset that you cannot afford/get your hands on those four pervious items that you decided to make your own.
You learn Japanese just to play the games that are not release outside Japan.
You speak "Klonian" or any other language that any characters speak in DtP and LV fluently.
You made an "English (or your native language) to Klonian (or other language from the game and vice versa) for Dummies" book.
You started an after school program that teaches students to speak Klonian.
You are mad at someone, you curse in Klonian. o.O;;
When someone needs an advice, you quote from the game.
Your house is on fire, your first priority is to gather all of the items dealing with Klonoa, then call 911 (US emergency number).
You write a Klonoa fanfic.
You make a fan character(s) to add to the Klonoa series.
You made a fan history about Klonoa past.
� including about his parents.
� his parent�s past.
� the �Dream Traveler� dilemma.
You made a fan history about other Klonoa characters.
You made a fan history about "the Ring." (No! Not the movie!)
You thought "The Ring" was an animated/CG movie about the Ring history.
Your screen/user name for personal, online and gaming actives is one of the Klonoa characters.
You are able to spell most or all of the Klonoa characters in Japanese.
You name your pet cat Klonoa, Tat or Janga.
� your pet dog Popka or Guntz.
� your pet monkey Lolo or Leorina. o.O;;
You make acronym of the name of the Klonoa characters. Like, "Knowing Living on Nightmare Observe Awareness," "Predictable or Probably Knowledgeable Asshole" or "Can Have Anything Now Through Heavy Yoga�" wait! That�s my name!
You are able to sing "Stepping Wind (Wahoo Stomp)" fluently.
You are able to translate "Sign of Hero" to English (or other language) and have it "goes with the music/theme" perfectly. o.O;;
You replace 'saying' like, "Don�t let the cat out of the bag" to "Don�t let Klonoa out of the bag."
You are in gym class at school and the students are playing volleyball, you ask if they have Moo, Sasamy, Boomie, Burnie, or Gribz volleyball to play.
You are playing volleyball, when you want to hit a fast spike ball to your opponent, for some reason you magically slowly jump in the air, face the volleyball up in the air, and shout an attack from one of the Klonoa game when spiking the ball over the net, which helps you win the game. Yay!
You draw fan art of the Klonoa characters.
You random enter names of people, places or things from the Klonoa games in your internet browser address bar hoping to find something out of it.
� does exist. o.O;;
You are able to play a piece or whole of the music using your favorite musical instrument from the games.
�much better if you have a band that plays the music from the games.
You create music arrangement, remix and/or orchestrated version from the game.
You�re going to play Door to Phantomile, Lunatea�s Veil or Klonoa Beach Volleyball (import) on your PS2, the console gives you a "Disc Read Error" on purpose because it know you play it TOO much!
You�re going to play Empire of Dream, G2 or Klonoa Heroes (both import) on your GBA, the handheld bios starts up and said that the game cart are suffering from playing it TOO much!
Your memory card (PS1/2) and/or the battery (GBA) dies on you from the save game data of the Klonoa games.
You are able to extract the dialogs from Door to Phantomile, Luantea�s Veil and Klonoa Beach Volleyball.
� and you listen to them.
� all of it.
� including KBV PAL version. o.O;;
The words "Easy Peasy" that Guntz says in KBV PAL version causes abnormal twitching. (Dedication to CKC)
� same goes just hearing Klonoa speaking English with the horrible British accents.
� as well with all of the other characters.
You play the games too much that the gem on Klonoa�s ring shatters from overuse.
The villain automatically gives up when they see Klonoa coming up.
Lephise lost her voice from singing "Song of Rebirth" TOO much.
� same goes with Klonoa singing "Stepping Wind (Wahoo Stomp)" TOO much.
� also Kumiko Watanabe singing "Sign of Hero" TOO much.
You notice that the vocal song in the Klonoa games begins with the letter "S."
You know why it took eight composers to compose the music to Door to Phantomile and Lunatea�s Veil.
You bought yourself a theater surround sound just to hear those four cut scenes in Dolby Digital when playing Lunatea�s Veil.
You try to mail or e-mail a letter to one of the Klonoa character.
� and one (or more) respond/reply. o.O;;
You call up your favorite radio station and request to put one of the (vocal) songs from the Klonoa games.
You search through your mother�s/sister's jewelries trying to find a ring that matches Klonoa�s ring.
� as well with jewelry store.
� or running around the forest.
� you found one. o.O;;
You made your own Klonoa guide/walkthrough/tip book.
You are able to beat any of the extra vision under 0:00:01 seconds.
You play so much the characters go on strike.
Klonoa tells you to turn off the game.
You gone through four PS2/GBA (SP) and 10 controllers (for PS2) in 6 months.
You start a Klonoa radio/TV station.
� and try to get exclusive interviews with the characters themselves.
� You succeed. o.O;;
You run that station 24-7.
You keep more than one copy of the Klonoa games.
You keep a copy of Klonoa games in your safety deposit box.
You make a machine that transports you into the game.
You made a Klonoa anime. Wahoo!!!
You make the next Klonoa game.
You establish cities named after one or more towns from the Klonoa games.
You never lost your life in the game.
If you work at department stores, supermarket or at the mall, you�ll play music from the Klonoa games.
You make your own Klonoa Theme for Windows 9x/NT/XP.
You made one or more of the Klonoa games into a graphic novel.
Game/Department/Electronic stores, online stores and auctions ban you because they claim you buy too many of the Klonoa games.
You only play the Klonoa games.
You think that real life has Dream Stone.
Every December 12/13, you throw a party in celebrating the first release Klonoa game in Japan.
You made a hard quiz/test of the Klonoa games and characters.
The villain tries to kill you instead of Klonoa.
Namco sends a letter to you telling you to stop play the Klonoa games.
People start sending other games to you so you will stop playing the Klonoa games.
� you send them back.
The Klonoa characters die of "old age."
You look up Phantomile and Lunatea on a World Atlas.
You turn on/start up one of the Klonoa games and no one is there because they are sick of seeing your face.
The Klonoa sequel has a warning in the beginning of the game saying that you should have adult supervision while playing this game.
Your parents got hook on playing the Klonoa games.
You frame the PS1/PS2-DVD case/GBA-box your Klonoa games came in.
Your sibling (ex: my sister) finally pronounce Klonoa name right.
You get a tattoo of the one of the Klonoa characters.
You dress up/cosplay as one of the Klonoa character for Halloween/gaming convention.
Your friends and family fall asleep whenever one of the Klonoa games is mention because you have talked so much about it.
You draw your favorite Klonoa fan/characters when you�re bored.
You write a Klonoa (character) fan song.
The "Dream Traveler" comes into your dream.
You compose music to the Klonoa games in MIDI format.
You always have one of the songs stuck in your mind.
You wish the Klonoa characters were real.
You thought Klonoa created the hurricane or any wind hazardous weather.
You wish the world would be like the realms in the Klonoa games.
You make an English translation patch for G2 and Klonoa Heroes.

You created a ring tone for your cellar phone of one or more of the songs in the Klonoa games.

From Phantikid: (11/12/03)
You make your own ending to Klonoa Beach Volleyball
...with your own fan characters.

From Rurouni Klonoa:

You get an Airsofting Pistol Custom made to look like one of Guntz's Guns.
You go to a snowboarding shop and get a board custom made to look like Klonoa.
You go through the trouble to make the ring.
You can somehow imitate Klonoa's voice.
You make a scarf that looks like Klonoa's ears.
You wear a hat, you ALWAYS gel your hair to have two thick strands stick out
You actually talk to your friends in Klonian.
You edit the opening were Klonoa says 'Wahoo' by adding in a different voice clip.
Your AIM screen name has the word Klonoa in it.
You go through the trouble of making your own plushie of the characters.
You make a patch for first person shooters games that makes the guns look like Guntz's weaponry from Klonoa Heroes.
You hunt down all of the Klonoa voice actors just to get there autographs
... You already have O.o;;;
... They actually gave you them.
You have a dark void in a black cloak you own. (Ghadius Reference)
You eat so much to get fat and replace one of your hands with a claw, and become a dictator.
Make a necklace pendent that�s shape like the star on Guntz's pistols.
You begin making fireworks in the hopes to become an explosives freak like Pango.
... You already have
You storm into Namco's office and place a pistol on there forehead, demand that they make an anime series and manga series.
...They actually accept without hesitation.
...They hire you to create stories and characters.

From Polo (02/11/04):

You dream about any character in the Klonoa series.
...And they have dream about you dream about them.

You find out that Klonoa's name in Japanese is
..."Kuro" means black in Japanese.
..."Noa" can be the romanized version of French
"Noir", which also means black.
You mistype "Yahoo" as "Wahoo"!
You try to announce to the public that you find a new
species, biologically called "Heroic Klonoa".
You want to fly with ears instead of wings.
Klonoa shows you his warrant of preventing you from
using him as the player.
Klonoa tells you that you are his nightmare because
you played the games TOO much!

(Leorina and Tat)
You report to the police that Leorina and Tat burgled
your house.
...They actually stole anything about Klonoa of you
because you collected TOO much Klonoa collectables!
You see a news about that Leorina and Tat have been
listed as the No. 1 pirate of this year.
...And it has been the tenth time.
You see there is a flight called "Crimson Iris" in the
...Arriving at now!

You wonder what Chipple's eye colour is.
You have tried to figure out how he can watch the
road, recognize people, etc.
You always end your sentence with "guruguru".
You suppose that kangaroos can say "guruguru".
You expect Chipple to be in the next combat game.
You receive a challange letter from Chipple, written
in Klonian.
...And you accepted.
You are fond of kangaroos due to Chipple's cuteness.
You determine to be a boxer after witnessing his
You made a belt with a big first initial of your name.
You know the brand of Chipple's sports wear.
...And wonder if it is the same as Klonoa's wear's

You think whether Janga has fingers or paws.
You make an antidote of the poison on his claws.
You make a nail file specifically against his claws.

You search whether Guntz's mark is a copyright
You had been robbed unsuccessfully by saying "I know
Guntz" to the robber.
...And he ran away.

(King of Sorrow)
You know that your sorrow comes from the King of
He consults you how he can be less sorrow.
...Because he thinks that you know him TOO much.

You think of Moos when you see a cow.

You have used any character or plot in Klonoa series
in your diaries, school compositions or even public
examination writings.
...And you got an A from it.
...And your teacher showed it to all your classmates.
The government sued you because you have mentioned TOO
much Klonoa things in front of your parents,
relatives, friends, colleagues, teachers and even
strangers that you cause a public panic.
You make your own sprite sheets of Klonoa series
You see clouds floating like the clouds in the games.
You smash your television in order to enter the game
world, or invite the character to come to your world.
You watch this list again on the every 12th or 13th in December.