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There is this awesome program called Sappy, GBA Music Player which allow you to load up a GBA ROM and playback the sequence/music use in the game (or perhaps find hidden and unused music too) in standard MIDI format, thus playing back music using your MIDI soundcard/drive. It also allow you to export/rip the MIDI so you can play it back without the use of Sappy. This is what interest me because now I'm able to use the MIDI to make music from EoD, DCT and KH:DnSM sound better and/or to use the MIDI to make remix or arrangement.

Now I have some sample and they are just being played back on my Yamaha XG 50 drive. They will be available for download below. Also I have provide the "sound list" for the three GBA games of the series if you intend to download the program, listen and export the MIDI on your own. Before I go any further let me put up this "disclaimer" from the author, Bouche, right now (as can be also found in the "readme_sappy.txt" when you download the program from the link provided above) so there wouldn't be trouble in the future:

Important Note: although now you don't have to sequence your own MIDIs, I would ask all of you please to NOT submit any MIDIs converted by this program to, as 1. they do not accept converted MIDIs, 2. it really isn't your talent that is being submitted, it's a machine/program doing it for you. I'm sure you and I don't want to get into trouble for this. You may go ahead and host these on other sites or use them in your projects, as long as you give credit to who made the converter (me! ^_^). I'd really appreciate your help here guys!

So then, credit to the author, Bouche for the wonderful program. Okay, you need to edit the this file in "data\sapp.lst" which is a sound list in order for the program to read where the sequence/sound table offset located in the ROM. Again this is for the GBA games of EoD, DCT and KH:DnSM. Visit this page if you would to get more sound list for a different game.

Klonoa: Empire of Dream (US/North America version):
AKLE, Klonoa: Empire of Dream (U), sapphire, blank, blank, &H118AE4, 0, 0

Kaze no Klonoa G2: Dream Champ Tournament:
AN6J, Kaze no Klonoa G2 (J), sapphire, blank, blank, &H155AC8, 0, 0

Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal:
AK7J, Klonoa Heroes (J), sapphire, blank, blank, &H6D420, 0, 0

Scroll down more for important/detailed note about the program (available in a couple of days...maybe). If you just want to download the sample and nothing more then you don't have to read anything more than you should.

All download in the zip file will contain a recording (in MP3) and the MIDI itself so you can playback the MIDI on your own MIDI soundcard/drive.

Sorry, no sample available yet.

File Select
World of Vision
Final Battle (Yes! A song that I wasn't able to rip originally from the game due to unavoidable sound effect).

The Wind Sings
Quenchless Curiosity in a Bar

NOTE: Link to download music will appear on bottom inline frame. Do not use a download manager program as the host does not support resuming nor can you download using the program. Use WinZip to extract file.